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DIDWorld provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers and associated services to their customers on a world-wide basis.

A local DID number may be forwarded by our infrastructure to MiceRow. The call forwarding destination is selected by the customer on a per-DID basis and may be changed at any time via our friendly user interface.



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Order now a virtual number with ITSP call forwarding to MiceRow to any of the following countries!

Albania Guatemala Poland
Argentina Hong Kong Portugal
Australia Hungary Puerto Rico
Austria Iceland Romania
Belarus India Russian Federation
Belgium Indonesia Saudi Arabia
Bolivia Ireland Serbia
Bosnia And Herzegovina Israel Singapore
Brazil Italy Slovakia
Bulgaria Jamaica Slovenia
Canada Japan South Africa
Chile Kenya South Korea
China Latvia Spain
Colombia Lithuania Sweden
Croatia Luxembourg Switzerland
Cyprus Malta Taiwan
Czech Republic Mexico Thailand
Denmark Monaco Turkey
Dominican Republic Netherlands Uganda
El Salvador New Zealand Ukraine
Estonia Nicaragua United Arab Emirates
Finland North Macedonia United Kingdom
France Norway United States
Georgia Panama Uruguay
Germany Paraguay Venezuela
Ghana Peru
Greece Philippines

DIDWorld offers an extensive selection of international DID numbers. In addition, we are constantly expanding our services so as to increase the number of regions supported, as well as to increase our coverage in each region.
With an advanced network structure and innovative products, we are ready to bring high-quality, cost-effective and reliable service to our customers all over the world.

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